Sunday, October 25, 2009


We've all known people who were and are hurting and struggling but are unwilling to talk about it, preferring to keep the source of the pain private. We wonder what to do and how we can help. We pray for them as best we know how and hope that our prayers are useful and beneficial. Still though, we want to talk with them and see how they are doing, what they are thinking and how we can help them more specifically.

I am experiencing this at present. I want so bad to hug this person and let them know that I am here and that I am behind them no matter what. It's hard when people refuse your direct help. Yet these are the times we must be more dependent on God. These situations force us to rely on Him to a) listen to our prayers, b) answer them, and c) to know what they actually need and perhaps impart that information to us through revelation or random thought. This is hard because we all want to see results and progress. We want to send up our requests and get a "yes I will" or a "no I won't/can't". Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Yet if we are patient, we do hear of progress, though not always. If we are patient, we will finally hear how God worked in their life at that trying time. Still though, not always.

We've been falsely taught for a long time that if we do this, then this will happen. This simply is not the case! I wish it were, but as I mentioned earlier, God likes (or perhaps needs) to change the way He does things on a regular and often basis. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, but He is eternally creative too.

Creativity is defined as "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.". So though his character is the same, his character is creative, thus allowing the constant change in how He works. Yet still sometimes He will seem to repeat Himself too.

He breaks down these false teachings and rules by amazing us by doing things in ways we never would have imagined. Hence His word that says "My ways are high above your ways, my thoughts above your thoughts." And they should be, He is God after all is He not? I would hope that the God I serve was not only smarter and more creative, but also knows the entire picture that we cannot see.

Still, we humans are incredibly impatient and want more than anything sometimes (or always, depending on your personality type and life story) to be in control. We want to know our destiny.

Sometimes God will even let us glimpse that destiny, and I think God would even like for us to see what is planned for us. I have even glimpsed my own, but like many, I am not entirely sure I believe it most of the time. I think this is probably why most of us do not glimpse our future, because God knows we probably won't believe it.

I can't remember where this story is in the bible, but a prophet was arguing with God saying "Tell me what will happen" and God was saying "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" and the prophet says "Yes I will, please tell me!" and when God relents and tells him, he says "I don't believe it!". All that is paraphrased of course. I can't even fathom how often that must happen, lol. x-D

I imagine God gets a real kick out of us sometimes...and yet how saddening that would be as well. I know how frustrating it can be to simply tell someone how beautiful they are and they cannot believe me. Yet I see it as plain as day! Imagine now how frustrating it would be for the One who knows and sees all to tell someone they are a king, yet they continue to live as a slave.

So before this gets even longer, let me leave you with this thought that even I must soak in... What if God doesn't lie?

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