Tuesday, October 13, 2009

“That you love me”

Lyrics by Adrielle R. Bollin

I will run

Into your arms

Feel the sun

Warm my back

As I press on to the prize

Those gates will open wide

You have said

Follow me

So I said yes

You took the lead

And I’ll never return

For you my heart ever burns


I love that you love me

I know that in you I’m free

You have given me every good thing

So for you my heart ever sings

I had pain

That ran so deep

Till you came

And healed me

Your blood the healing balm

Now I’m resting in your arms

I had grime

That covered me

Till your love

Washed me clean

Your mercy fell like rain

I never will be the same


When you came my heart

Didn’t know what to say

But you touched me and filled me and now

I’m blown away

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