Sunday, September 2, 2012

By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Soft amber beams of light
Bestow a smile in darkest night
No matter the size the trial be
You always lean your heart toward me

When despair has swallowed life
And sight is lost along with might
All I need is to cry out to you
And you restore all I once knew

For when I sing when all seems lost
And rejoice throughout the burning dross
And when I learn to love your time
And patience is grafted like a vine

You rejoice and run with me
Every trial gains victory
And when I speak your words of truth
You usher me to fuller youth

"Not one concern of ours is small,
If we belong to him;
To teach us this, the Lord of all,
Once made the iron swim."
John Newton
1Kings 6:1-7 
1 Now the sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “Behold now, the place before you where we are living is too limited for us. 2 Please let us go to the Jordan, and each of us take from there a beam, and let us make a place there for ourselves where we may live.” So he said, “Go.” 3 Then one said, “Please be willing to go with your servants.” And he answered, “I shall go.” 4 So he went with them; and when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. 5 But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water; and he cried out and said, “Alas, my master! For it was borrowed.” 6 Then the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” And when he showed him the place, he cut off a stick, and threw it in there, and made the iron float. 7 And he said, “Take it up for yourself.” So he put out his hand and took it.
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