Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did that just...?

Did that just...?
By Adrielle R. Bollin

You've done it again
My King my Lord
You've used me to heal
And to wage a good war

How could this happen
Without pain and guilt
No wounds were found
No blood on my hilt

You worked so fast
So smooth went the fight
T'was no fight at all
But a walk through the night

I felt not a thing
Save caution to speak
We walked through it all
To the mountain's great peak

Did I sleep through the battle
And the enemy's screams
Or was I so well protected
From the terrorist's schemes

How do you do it
Oh Master of my heart
Without me even knowing
I played the perfect part

You constantly amaze me
Every day I'm alive
Loving and healing
Your grace is my drive

Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Adrielle R. Bollin

Twisted in desire
Wanting everything
Knowing in the end
I'm on the wrong wing

What is it you want
You made me who I am
With eyes like butterflies
Flitting round the dam

So much here to see
So much left to do
Cannot understand
How I get to you

What are all these years
Training or a waste
Training for the waiting
Or training for the haste

Someone won't you pinch me
Move me from this spot
Kick me down the road
Pull me from this parking lot

I want to see the world
But I'm stuck here in the mud
Indecision binding
Comforts sucking blood

Who have I become
A woman or a girl
Princess or a prisoner
Agate or a pearl

Need to hear your guidance
Want to see your face
But somehow I'm unwilling
To run the same old race

Show me with your bright light
Where is it I turn
Heal my failing vision
Help me to discern

God I'm falling down
Won't you pick me up
Hold me in your arms
Fill me with your love

Restore my aching heart
To the fullness I enjoyed
Make me to remember
Take away the void

Teach me from your own mouth
Cure me of my doubt
Show me what I'm missing
And what to do without

Monday, July 12, 2010

In This Whole Wild World

"In This Whole Wild World"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

This old world
Is getting crazier every minute
Every where you turn
There's another nut losin' it

If I weren't a believer
Think I'd hide from my shadow
Nothing seems safe
But now luckily I know

You were sent for me
To hold me close
Let me run and walk free
Knowing the love you boast
In your arms I'm secure
In your blue smiling eyes
Is a lover that's sure
And a heart that is mine

My God, I'm the luckiest girl
In this whole wild world

People cheat and steal
Cuss the day you were born
Have you for their last meal
Make you tired and worn

But there's hope in it all
For the ones who believe
If you open your eyes
You'll see God's beauty conceived

That's how I know that...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear brother (Incomplete)

"Dear brother (Incomplete)"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Dear brother

Why has the light left those blue eyes
What made the sadness there reside
And what gives you the urge to hide

Dear brother

How can I help you make it better
And pray away this nasty weather
We could talk it out together

Dear brother

When will you get the help you need
From the one who knows your deeds
Would you like to really be free

Dear brother

Because I know those eyes so well
And how they shine like gold in sunlight
With a love that burns hot as hell
When you can let go of the night

You think that you must walk alone
Burden no one with your pain
But you forget that family of your own
Who loves you sun, clouds, snow or rain

Dear brother

I love you more than you could know
Praying that your faith would grow
So you find peace in a place of woe

Dear brother

I want those eyes to shine again
And for that heart to heal within
For your soul to sing big amens

Dear brother

Turn to the Father, Son and Ghost
No other love will ever come close
The choice is yours as you know

Dear brother
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