Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh my dear

Forgive me for not writing recently. Life has been very busy and I think I am fighting off the flu or something. So, to hold you over, here is a song I wrote about my husband not too long ago.

Oh My Dear
By Adrielle Bollin

With your few imperfections
I can't help my affections
I am smitten by you
Oh yes you're so dang cute

And when you turn to me
I tell you all that I see
Are those two oceans of blue
Enchanting all that you do

Oh my dear
How we've loved through these years
We have gone through times
Times of trials and tears
But still hear we are
We have come so far
You're still loving me
I'm still loving you

Sometimes it's like we just met
They way you flirt and caress
me You know just what to do
To get me churning for you

You love me just how I like
And when the day turns to night
I'm wanting only to be with you
Oh darling how I love you

You know we've been through
The good times and bad
But in the end you know
I love you happy or sad
The vows we made are more
Than castles of sand
Oh they're top grade
I know that our love will stand

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