Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Cut Me Free" by: Adrielle Bollin

"Cut Me Free"
By Adrielle R. Bollin

Take off these fetters

Remove all these chains
Help me to see them

How they cause me such pain

I want to see

Will you open my eyes

Take off the blinders
So I see past disguise

I'm feeling buried

I'm feeling trapped

Cut me free
Let expectations fall flat
Help me to know

That you love me more than all of that
I need to see
Your loving arms all around me
I need to hear
peace be still
Cut me free

I thought I was winning

That I could handle it all

I got wrapped up in doing
That I lost sight of you

I got myself good and busy

I got lost in it all

Now I don't know where I'm going

And I'm scared of it all

You know me so well
You know right were I am

Every step I take wrong

Will be used in the end

Now I'm waiting for you to come in

Won't you save me again

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