Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Frustration" By: Adrielle Bollin

By: Adrielle R Bollin

Fools fools everywhere fools
The kind that breeds hatred in hearts
The sort that cause curses to be spewed
The ones who are blind as worms

Yet every day I am called to forgive them
Every day conscience beats a peace song
The bridle on my tongue is worn smooth as silk
My will is battered and beaten as I hold back wrong

The words my soul wants to lash out
Are like fiery pins piercing my chest
Oceans of frustration are waiting to burst
While my spirit wages war on my flesh

Why the greedy grasping possessing
What is so important about this piece of earth
Who has killed your joy and your grace
What has possessed your life soul and worth

I have made myself teachable and aware
Educated, Tolerated, and kept the peace
So why must I suffer your stupidity
Why must I grant your mind peace

Because I am aware and learned
I know that I am not faultless
I understand that I have failed
So I know forgiveness and grace

I have been forgiven of much
Therefore fools I must forgive you
Though everything in me wants to slay you
I will let it all go and let God have you

Though I will imagine His wrath
I know He'll humble you instead
Though I secretly hope for your shame
I know He'll heal your foolish heart and head

Stupidity begins most feuds
So I'll not to stoop to your height
Instead I'll walk the high road
That is hard to travel I'll travel light

Though I am still flickering with anger
It will soon subside
Because in the end I know and trust
That God is by my side

Adrielle R. Bollin

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