Monday, November 18, 2013

This poem was inspired by the countless stories of pain and overcoming told to me by friends and so many beautiful people. Pull up a seat, this ain't short and sweet! LOL!

The Story
Adrielle Bollin

Darkest of hours and all of their weight
The deepest of shadows revealing such hate
The sickness that held me and made me a slave
The evil that lurked tracking it's prey

Where you had found me alone in my fright
Weary and beaten, abused day and night
Rest had long left and fear would reside
Ruling my body, destroying me inside

Long were the years of wicked demise
So many times when I thought I would die
Torture that broke me but still left the fire
But death couldn't have what it truly desired

You found me and carried me on a road long and thin
Packed with my memories of terrible sin
I cried out in anguish as I saw it pass by
But you held me close never once left my side

Truth was then spoken and peace came to dwell
There, was a garden where once was my hell
How could this be, the nightmare was gone
When I forgave you told me I won

All of the hurt and all of the pain
Melted like wax to a candle wick's flame
Slowly the layers were peeled from my frame
Carefully, surgically, you washed away blame

You restored my soul one day at a time
Brought teachers, doctors, and wisdom divine
You made me lay down when I wanted to run
Forced me to rest till the healing was done

Strength began slowly to enter my being
Little by little all chains were releasing
The weight I had carried was thrown ocean deep
Returned to it's owner, the beast who ate sheep

Still you are working, your hands ever weaving
Working their "magic", ever they're speaking
You set up dates as well as the time
Always connecting the branches to the vine

The victory is mine, my anthem to sing
Because of my Jesus, I'm the bride of the King
My life is transformed, my slate white as snow
The possibilities are endless no matter where I go

Monday, May 27, 2013

Romans 8 and my take...

Romans 8:32 KJV
He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
Romans 8:32 literal Greek translation
Which too of-the-one of-private-belonged of-a-son not it-spared, other over of-us of-all it-gave-beside to-it, unto-whither unto-not and together unto-it to-the-ones to-all unto-us it-shall-grant-to?

God is not to be put in a box as to what He will or won’t give us as is evident to me in verses like these when He says that He would freely give us “all” things.  Some would say that I should not take this verse out of context, that I should take into consideration the whole chapter, even the whole book.  I agree and would even go a bit further and say why not take it in the context of the whole bible?  

First, I would like to point out that in this chapter, along with Paul’s call to:
* be lead by the Spirit *to not live in fear, but to persevere in hard times
*and to know that we are not condemned (those of us in Christ)
*and that He foreknew us, predestined us, called us, justified and glorified us,
*that He is FOR us and cannot be separated from us by any created thing,
*that we are more than conquerors,

Paul also tells us that we are HEIRS with Christ, children of the most high God!  God gave us His son and according to Paul, will also give us all things – which I  would like to point out, does not specify need from want, dreams from desires, basic from extravagant.  It also doesn’t say that we should get it on our own by buying everything in site that we want because God wants us to have it – no.  It says He GIVES.  When you look at the context of the WHOLE bible, there is so much about the generosity of our God!

The following are just a few examples that came to mind.

When Ruth needed a husband/provider, God didn’t find for her an adequate husband who could take care of all her basic needs which would have been plenty in and of itself considering the times, no. He gave her Boaz, a wealthy, generous, healthy, honorable, loving man of good report who not only took care of Ruth, but took care of Naomi too.  Ruth asked for leftovers, Boaz (who represents Jesus) gave her extra by commanding his reapers to purposely let extra grain fall for her to glean, commanded his young men to not reproach her (guaranteeing her safety) and gave her food from his table!  Then he redeemed her and her mother in law by taking Ruth as his wife!  God went even further by ensuring Ruth and her family would be included in Jesus' family tree.  This is not basic needs that were met, this was abundance!

When Solomon asked God for wisdom, God was so pleased that He made Solomon the richest man who ever lived!  Solomon asked for a basic need, God gave him abundance!

When Esther was in preparation to meet the king, God didn’t just give her the wisdom to choose the right things to wear as He could have done, He gave her favor with the head eunuch who then made sure she had the very best of everything in addition to telling her what to wear to gain favor with the king.

Even when it comes to our enemies, God didn’t just give enough of a victory to the Israelites to keep their enemies at bay, He ANNIHILATED them, wiped them out!  And then told them to go and gather all the goods, treasures, cattle, etc. from the enemy!

Jesus said “I came that you might have life and life in abundance”.  If Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, then don’t you think we should think like a King or a Lord? What does a king or a lord consider necessity? What does a king or a lord consider abundance?  What would a king give to his children?  Think of it this way, in the bible, anytime a wife or child comes to ask the king for something, how many times does that king say “ask for anything, even up to half the kingdom will be yours if you ask it”.  That is a human king, what about a God king?  It doesn’t take a genius or years of study or much theology to know that God’s ways are much higher, bigger and better than our ways.  If we are made in God’s image and God’s image says “even half the kingdom will be yours if you ask” how much more does God want to give?  Not that we should desire things, but that we should not limit Him or rebuke others who believe Him and His word when He says “I want to give you more”.  

People twist things all the time – well I’m a child of God, so I’m going to act rich, live like I’m rich and just wait for God to pay me back.  No, we have faith that God will give and we wait until the Spirit tells us when to go, when to stay, when to lay at the feet of our savior, uncover His feet and ask that He may GIVE.  We walk by the Spirit, we walk by faith and we listen for the voice of God.  When we do that, things fall into place and we are given the very best – whatever that looks like in that moment.  It has been my experience that we get in our own way.  When I’m not seeing provision, it’s because I am in my way – sometimes there are other blockages, but most of the time my impatience, frustration, need for control etc. get in the way of what God is trying to give me.   

There are a million possible reasons why you or I or someone you know is not experiencing the abundance promised in the bible.  Our job is not to judge them or abandon them in their frustration and questioning, but rather to encourage them and challenge them to seek God!  He knows what’s in the way!  He knows their heart!  If we don’t have SOLID discernment about their situation or solution (and even if we do), then we should be pointing them back to the Father, who wants to give them ALL things and life in ABUNDANCE.  It doesn’t matter what we think that “all” and “abundance” looks like!  What matters is that we as a community, come around and encourage and challenge those who are struggling in any way.  If we do these things, and they still turn away, we must still be careful not to judge and not to condemn.  Whether we have knowledge in the situation or not, our pride should not get in the way of loving people like Christ did.  (as shown in Luke 22:61,62 and John 21:15-19).

As always,  I am preaching to me too! ♡♥♡

Monday, March 25, 2013

Choose To Thrive
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

It is true that Love conquers all   
But not the kind you see on silver screens
The kind that lasts through every trial   
The sort that never fades and never flees
I have seen the vapors left by errant hearts   
And heard the cries of those ripped apart
I've heard the anthem 'I will survive'   
While knowing actually they could thrive
These words sung over and over again   
'I can't live without you' is a lie from dark dens
For though your heart may break in two   
There is a bright hope that you can choose

It does not steal your soul nor torment heart   
It does not need death nor poisonous dart
These lies we hear that revenge is sweet    
Are only sweet toxins giving bitterness license to breed
Do not be deceived my friends and my foes   
Your heart cannot hold these grudges and woes
Forgive your debtors and breakers of hearts    
Purge them instead and feel the weight depart
Let Love enter in and touch all your wounds    
Give Love your heart and give Him room
God who is Love can heal all your hurts    
And He will give more good than any soul deserves

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Welcomed Eavesdropper

The Welcomed Eavesdropper
By:  Adrie’lle R. Bollin

My Lord heard me as I spoke with my friends
We laughed with delight recounting His stories
How He turned things around and brightened our days
We listened in awe to testimonies of His glories

He smiled with us as He leaned in noting our hearts
For they glowed with His love and emanated His grace
As we went home to our families so filled with faith
He did not leave us but stayed with us each at our place

So filled were we that we woke early to seek His face
Wondering at all the possibilities we peered into heavenly realms
We danced with joy in His arms, sang more heartily than before
Carried the light more brightly, kept it shining at our helms

My Lord saw all these things and His heart was greatly moved
For though our lives held challenges and times of great distress
We remembered Him, His promises and all He had done
We chose the better way, we chose to trust, to abide in His rest

So He wrote what He saw in a book and declared 
That we would be His, a precious gem in His crown
Preserved and cherished for all time and for all to know
Saved from wrath that His love might be shown

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Busy Lazy Winter

Forgive my absence my blogging friends, what usually is a season of hibernation and plenty of time to write, has turned into business, distraction and a loss of focus in this area.  I think of you all often and think to myself that I must write again soon!  For now though, I can only offer up nature's beauty as a small gift - as it was a gift to me.  Winter is my least favorite season...ok, ok to be honest, I just plain don't like winter.  HOWEVER, as always, God shows me beauty in every season as often as I am willing to open my eyes and see it.  He gifts me with a beautiful sunrise, a sparkly cloudless morning, and sun shining through the window.  He knows it makes me smile and warms my heart.  He is the greatest giver of all!  I hope you can smile with me as I share it with you. :)

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