Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fine and dandy

It's not one of my smoothest writings, but I like the point behind it...

Fine and Dandy
Adrielle R. Bollin

You say that you
Are not upset
But here you are
Your face is red

You say that you
Don't care anymore
But your words
Can't hide your sores

Oh but you're, fine and dandy
You think you're, sweet as candy
You think you're, over it
But inside you are truly sick
That old seed's still brewing
Poison gives disillusions
So while you smile and pretend
I'll be prayin' for you my friend

It is plain
As day and night
All your anger
Pain and strife

You tell me
You left it behind
From where I sit
I only see denial

One day you'll see
That there's a step you forgot
In that road of healing
Somehow you got lost
You should know
I'm rootin for you
To find your way
But until you do

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