Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Meowgee

Goodbye Mr. Meowgee
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

I lost my furry good friend
Who's love was reserved for me
Who's merriment brought such joy
Who's short life was happy and free
 You made me laugh but now I cry 
I miss you so much it hurts inside
I miss your chatting, cuddling and foofy fur
 I miss how you were always by my side

Thank you for brightening dark days
For your sweet love and caring eyes
For your calming presence 
The sunlight you brought to my skies
You are sorely missed my Mr. Meowgee
May 2006 - March 2011


  1. My heartfelt condolences. I'm very sorry to hear about the death of your lovely cat, it must be really miserable. Hope he lives on in your heart forever.


  2. Oh no, I am so sorry...
    That is truly awful my dear Adrielle, and he seems to have been so young too, taken way too early...
    Loosing a pet is a loss of the worst kind.
    Both me and Batcat send our thoughts and prayers...

  3. I am so very sorry!!! Oh my, how horrible! I wish I had words to help and heal, but nothing covers the wounds of missing someone who was so precious and dear to our hearts. I wish you much peace! Sending love and warm thoughts your way.


  4. Oh, heart breaks for you! What a beauty your boy was, and I'm sure he loved you as dearly as you loved him. Losing a pet is truly one of lif's hardest things to grasp...I still mourn the ones I've lost. But I also know that these joyous souls snuggle into our hearts and never leave us again...Mr. M. will always be a part of you...

    Do take very good care of yourself...


  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet kitty, Adrielle. Our pets are so dear and he will always be a special part of your life. Have you ever been to the Rainbow Brige website? It has some info on pet loss. Here is the web address:
    I'm keeping you in my thoughts (((hugs)))

  6. Oh Adrielle! I know how you is the most awful feeling. If I could have a wish come true right now I would wish to have my Kitton back. Some how, some way, for some reason, I know I will see her again..sometimes I feel her presence. Our other cat for a whole year after Kitton's sudden death would lie down on the very spot that she died every nite..on her side and lay her head down. Sometimes she would sit up and her head would bob up and around like she was watching some spirit jumping from chair to chair.. I know it was Kitton. I am so sad for you..I admire you for being able to write about it so soon. It took me a really long time to write about my loss.
    Wonderful tribute!

  7. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. He was an adorable kitty, and he seems very sweet and yet proud and fierce.
    I hope that you will find comfort in your memories of him and in knowing that he was loved and had a good life.

    (By the way, he was only 2 months older than my own boy beastie...)

  8. When I married LadyCat, three busters came into my life. Sometimes I think they rule the roost..hee hee... sorry you lost Mr. Meowgee. I'm sure you will miss him; they do have a way of tugging at your heart.

  9. Thanks all for your hugs, thoughts and wishes, they are greatly appreciated! I'm still sad, obviously, but I think the 2 hours it took to write this tribute along with the wealth of tears that accompanied it, helped me heal just a little bit faster... Thank you for everything...

  10. I m sorry to hear this:( your post made me to think about my kitty too.


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