Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost And Found

Lost And Found
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Lost in a sea of rolling emotions
Tossed from knowing into the unknown
Seeing so clearly and then not at all
Tears that I've cried are hidden then shown

Lost in a world that I no longer love
Wary of evils which still remain plain
Charting new territory on familiar plains
Feeling excitement while fearing the pain

Lost with loneliness who endlessly taunts
And fear who takes refuge in dark murky air
Howling my name as I weep in despair
Doubt keeps me restless while securing his lair
Lost and found has been my life
Journeying both sides of peace and strife
Lost and found is all I've known
Tripped up in despair and in peace I've flown
Getting to know both darkness and light
Learning to rest and when to fight
Found in the deepest recesses of shame
The faintest of light which seems far away
A window of hope to salvage the day
I cry out again and like a child I pray

Found as I open my weary blurred eyes
A hand outstretched and a wing in which to hide
A heart to uphold me to stand by my side
A love who has known me and with me has cried

Found is a haven of safety and rest
A peace like no other to hold to my chest
And slowly but surely I rise like a crest
Revealing the beauty where inside I am blessed 


  1. My dear Adrielle, you are such a sensitive poet.
    I think everyone can relate to these words, when we feel these contradictory emotions...
    As a curiosity I am currently writing a post with the same title, but completely different content.;)
    Have a lovely Friday my dear and thank you for always leaving the most kind and substantial comments at my place. Glad you enjoyed my old Batcat post.;)
    Have a lovely Friday,

  2. You write so well and so full of heart. This is great. Hope you are doing good. I'm sure you are still missing Mr. Mewogee. Have a nice weekend! You are a special friend to LadyCat and I as Zuzana is too! :)

  3. I truly love your poetry...I can't believe you can be so young and write so maturely! I love these photos too...Did you take know I love the moon♥Kim

  4. This is amazing and I can relate on many levels. Some days everything is so clear and then things become clouded. Emotions can be a roller coaster ride. Your photos are so lovely. I especially love the top one. I like the night and tend to like cloudy darker days as opposed to sunny days.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I think it would be so fun to meet some fellow bloggers some day : )

  5. I guess what attracts me to your poetry is that your words are universal. The reader has felt and experienced the feelings you describe so softly and meaningfully. It takes you to bring them out. Thank you.

  6. Lovely photos and wonderful words, have a gentle way of getting to the heart of things that always touches me.

    I do hope the loss of your beloved Mr. M. is not weighing on you too heavily. Enjoy the rest of your week...:)

    Imagination Lane


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