Monday, February 28, 2011

Beautiful Consistency

Beautiful Consistency
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Like the constant breeze that refreshes my cheeks
And the soothing sound of water kissing the beach
Or the hot sun blazing in the summer's heat
Like the constant buzzing of the honey bees

Like the sweet smell of life awakened by spring
That great expectation as winter ceases lingering
Like the first sight of birds as they return to their summer homes
Followed by chirping chicks who will soon spread their wings

The joy and peace that consistency brings
I am reminded of it when I think of these things
For you are the sun, the water and spring
You are that beauty who consistently sings


  1. Oh, this is a lovely poem of celebration and joy...perfect to greet "the sweet smell of life awakened by spring"! Beautifully written, Adrielle! I much admire the quality of conmsistency, but do have trouble sustaining it, I'm afraid.

    I always enjoy your comments on my posts, and understood perfectly what you meant about the freedom to use one's own property as one deems fit. I think as a society, we've somehow come to think, (mistakenly!) that we might actually know what's best for someone else. I have enough trouble some days recognizing what's best for me...LOL!

    Thanks for being such a great blogging friend...


  2. Beautiful post again...So glad you must have gotten over your 7 mice dream...sorry about the dream suggestion...I didn't mean it! They are cute little creatures...good thing I don't ever actually see them chewing on that Dial soap..I wonder where they stay during the day?

  3. Lovely Photographs, especially of that cute dog.

  4. Beautiful, poetic and uplifting words, complimented by images of beauty. Your today's post put a smile on my face and made me happy - so thank you dear Adrielle.;)

  5. This is such a happy poem and so are your photos. Thanks for brightening my morning : )

  6. Great job Andrielle! You make things sound so beautiful...

  7. i love that vivid pink rose! absolutely gorgeous

  8. The poem is beautiful.
    It chants of a love I know so well.
    Very happy to have found a poet lover~

    love amy ^.^

  9. only read a few of your poems (will continue), the last stanza of this one sure is a highlight!


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