Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking Higher

Looking Higher
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

I'm looking again to beautiful heights
Seeing the possibilities, hope soars like a kite
For maybe up there in the azure blue sky
I'll see what you see with those great searching eyes

I've searched below in the mud and the dirt
Swam all the rivers of sorrow and hurt
I've seen all these people and heard who's to blame
Sometimes seems like evil has no reigns

Yet still often enough come these beautiful days
When I see why I'm here, why I'm kept in this place
I want to move on but it's not about me
Because sometimes it's patience that sets people free


  1. Wow! This is so beautiful...and the photos are amazing. This poem reminds me of a saying: "it's hard to hang on when you can't let go." So often, HOPE is the only thing we have. It's important to keep hope in your heart, from that hope...miracles can happen. Lovely piece. xOx

  2. Very beuatiful my dear Adrielle, so much truth in these profound lines. What an uplifting piece indeed, and the stunning images compliment your writing so well, making it airy and positive.
    Love the last line...

  3. I love the lines,
    "I've searched below in the mud and the dirt,
    Swam all the rivers of sorrow and hurt."

    Such depth of feeling in these words, Adrielle, yet the poem is full of hope and promise. And I do love your photographs with that golden light touching the tops of the trees...a perfect illustration for these thoughts...:)

    Imagination Lane

  4. Everyone always seems to be quick to know who to blame, don't they?
    But the beauty always does come and remind us what's important. That's what we have to remember and hang on to.
    Your words are always so special and always make me pause and reflect. That's saying a lot in this busy world : )

  5. "I want to move on but it's not about me
    Because sometimes it's patience that sets people free." This line was special and meaningful to me.
    I visualized you taking the photo from the ground below the trees, pointing your camera towards the sky. Beautiful!

  6. They say patience is a virtue.. I'm still workin' on it.. :) have a great weekend!

  7. Much too often we rip in reaction (hmmm - 'rip in reaction' was kind of poety...and you're free to use it), when having a bit of patience will allow the universe to settle to your liking. That was what came to mind whilst (getting poety again) reading your words.

  8. that last sentence...really making me think

  9. If you ever want me to help you trace your ancestry, just let me know...I love to research.♥


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