Friday, September 2, 2011

Precious Pups

Ok, I think that these photos I took of our dogs deserve a post all their own, I am so proud of them!  These two handsome gents are our dogs.  The Chocolate Lab is Cody and the Chihuahua (mixed with a 1/4 Terrier) is named Tank.  :)


  1. Awwww.... How adorable! Wish I could just snuggle them all day long haha! That shot of Tank running is really cute! :D

  2. Dear Adrielle, as I know how difficult it is to photograph animals, these are indeed shots to be proud off.;)
    I love your furry friends and I think Tank is a great name for that sweet little doggie.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Gorgeous and adorable dogs! They look like they are having lots of fun. :)

    Happy Weekend.


  4. Wonderful pictures. I am partial to Cody because, well...we have one of those labs too.

  5. Oh my - what gorgeous looking dogs. I'm not usually a 'dog' person, but these two could sway me. The size difference means they look so cute together!

  6. Oh my - yes - what beautiful, beautiful dogs. (I just read the comment above mine - is that Roz? I think it might be! We only have one cat, and we love dogs - my husband would love one - or, better, two! I love the one of Tank leaping but they're all great shots. Both really beautiful dogs, and Cody just melts my heart.

    I wanted to stop by to thank you for what you wrote on my post: such a beautifully worded piece that I'll cherish. Whenever I see your name on a comment I know I'm going to feel good. btw: I had done away with my blog rolls - they were getting out of hand - but now I've just got one small one, and I'm going to add yours so I can come here and get a dose of sunshine and a good message. Hope you had a good visit with your friend on her birthday. Mine is tomorrow and I always feel a kinship with people whose birthdays are near mine.


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