Friday, September 23, 2011

On The Edge Of Splendor

"On The Edge Of Splendor"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

I've traveled deserts, been lost at sea
To catch your secrets that were lost to me
I've searched among the highest trees
And ridden on the steady breeze
The words you've whispered in morning lights
Fed my soul as I caught each flight
I've sought you out in the valleys below
Saw your footprints in sands of gold
Always there yet I missed you somehow
The whirlwinds distracting, I crinkled my brow
Turned my head and lost you again
Yet e'er I will seek you my truest of friend
I'm right on the edge to see your splendor
A few more steps your direction to render
Continual presence to which I can surrender
To be in your arms, your favor forever


  1. I particularly enjoyed reading this poem. And the photos just went so well with it! Awesome work :)

  2. I cannot imagine the completeness one would feel to receive a love poem such as this. So well done, Adrielle...Adie?

  3. What a beautiful beautiful poem, Adrielle! I thought at first it was someone like Byron, but you wrote it? And I love the way you illustrated it, with these beautiful photos.

    In the middle of making dinner but I had to come and thank you, because if I wrote on my own post - what are the odds you'd go back and read it. But it gives me great comfort to know that someone else out there read that conversation - and GOT IT!! I've been fretting since yesterday about that poor Anonymous. She was so hurt. And I never intended to mock her - I was laughing in a good way!! I was trying to send her a virtual hug. Now she'll never come back, and I'll never be able to find her, poor thing. I felt like doing a post and calling it 'come back, Anonymous, all is forgiven!'

    Husband calling - time to eat. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. A very nice poem. Hope your weekend is going good. Today has been a relaxing day for us. :)

  5. To find the perfect arms of comfort and a soft spot to land.... That is what we all seek. This is so lovely and the photos are, too. I especially like the footprints in the sand.

  6. Words and photos fit together perfectly. Beautiful photos, Adrielle. A happy and lovely week to you. xOx

  7. Dear Adrielle, this was so beautiful, the way we do seek and at times we indeed do find that safe place. The pictures are breathtaking. LOVE the last one...

  8. Beeauutiful! Adrielle! The poetry and the photography! There's such depth to your your everyday thinking that deep?
    I need to get my 'deep thought cap' on!

  9. Ah, you've done it again Adrielle - beautiful words and images, perfectly matched together.

  10. Hey, girl, don't worry about it. God has puh-lenty O time for you. Lord knows, I was the deepest depression after our accident and sed, 'if that's the Way you're gonna treat me, then, I don't want anything to do with Thee'. Seasons change... and so do I. Wanna be at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy Upstairs for maaany eons? Then, accept Christ. I did. Write this sinfull mortal if you have any questions and we'll figure'm out together. Love you, girl. God bless you.


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