Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pushing Through

"Pushing Through"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin
Like clouds of a different nature ever changing their form
So too are my labors as I attempt to perform
Like chaos in a storm when the wind and rain swirl
So too are my thoughts as I  struggle to unfurl
Such longing to win but too weary to try
I must break this cycle of mediocrity's cry
I mustn't give up but push through this time
I can't fail again, like vapor left far behind
I must push to the end with a well done assured
Cannot keep wondering if I did my best and endured
Like the setting of the sun, I must become a vision
Cut through the sky with a brilliant incision 
So tired of scraping, it's time for the feast
Whatever I have left I'll aim to the rising east
Live out of this world like an eagle soaring high
Get to know the winds that move me and choose where to fly


  1. Beautiful photos! The top one looks like a big friendly face to me. Keep on pushing and you will soar with the eagles : )

  2. These images of the sky are breathtaking, are they yours? I saw very much a sky like that this past Saturday.;)
    Beautiful passionate words as always, I love your poetic soul dear Adrielle.;))
    Have a lovely Monday,

  3. LadyCat, this is the goal! To soar with the eagles! Thank you!

    Zuzana, Thank you and yes they are mine as usual :) These were all taken with my phone since my Nikon currently not working :( Anyway, have a great week! :)

  4. Lovely pictures...
    Enjoy your day !
    Greetings from France,


  5. Such lovely photos, Adrielle. Pushing through...we must.:)

  6. I think that you need not worry about pushing through....I think you have arrived.

    ...and I think you have pretty feet.


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