Monday, September 12, 2011

My Maker and I

My Maker and I
By: Adrielle R. Bollin
As I lift up my head to look gaze at the clouds
The beautiful scenery away from the crowds
A quiet place for just you and I
A time to reflect and soak up the sky
I bow my head in prayerful consideration
And see the flowers that are future generations
The trees beside me in unison sway
Offer shade and strength on the lowest days
Everywhere I look I see glimpses of you
Your promises etched in each sunset hue
Your warmth and your love in every scene
Your beauty and grace on the waters serene
You whisper through pines and weep with the rain
Your steady hand guides me round each winding lane
No matter my doubt nor trouble nor storm
I know I can always find you in the creations you form


  1. How beautiful this was dear Adrielle! I feel exactly this way when I gaze at the beauty that surrounds me, which instigates in me spiritual emotions and the confirmation of divinity at all times.
    Lovely word and such stunning images.;)

  2. Awesome shots and words! The landscapes just look so.... pleasing.

  3. Nature always comforts and supports me. It is so stunning and beautiful!

  4. very pretty photos!

    Meena ♥

  5. Just found your blog: it,s so wonderful! I love the photographs! So inspiring!

  6. Meena and Vera, welcome and thank you for stopping by!!
    Six, Shawn and Z I always love hearing from you, thank you so much - Nature truly is one of my favorite subjects to photograph! :)

  7. The beauty of nature always inspires gratitude in me, too. Such beautiful photos : )

  8. You explain to us all...what it is all about. I am drawn to the picture of the meadow, a photo of peace.


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