Monday, May 30, 2011

Love's Endurance

Love's Endurance
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Even the best of friends get bored to death together
Can sit in companionable silence on a couch of ruddy leather
Or fight like angry birds defending a family nest
Then come back to the table and lay it all to rest

The sand in the hour glass doesn't stand a chance
When commitment is shared by two people in love's dance
The determination to hold on till the very end
Makes one willing to dig in, hold tight, to mend and bend

No stronger force has ever been matched
Than the power of love when it is true and unlatched
To grow old together is more than an expression
It's a pleasure that's worked for, a constant progression

Even in old age work must be done
To cultivate the prize that is continually won
It's like a garden that you tend from year to year
Pulling out the weeds and making paths clear

Throughout all of history love has been sought
It holds the keys to life's greatest lessons taught
You cannot buy it or sell it in it's truest of forms
It is earned and given from hearts that are warmed


  1. Oh, love is on your mind these days I sense dear Adrielle.;) Well, it is on mine too.;)
    Indeed, when we love, we also quarrel, as we still are individuals after all, fighting to maintain our own identity, however unify we feel with another soul. Yet, it is a match made in heaven when such quarrels instead turn into an insight and acceptance of the differences, fusing a strong union that lasts a lifetime - and beyond.;))

  2. Love is so complex...It is wonderful when it is wonderful, but can also be torture when it is not. For sure, it is something we need from others and something we need to give to others. LOVE makes the world turn. Beautiful poetry, Adrielle.

  3. A beautiful poem, very inspirational!

    T-Shirt and Tails

  4. Very wise words...true love endures all. There are many rough bumps along the path. But unconditional love is able to overcome them.

  5. I appreciate that you emphasize that a commitment requires a lot of effort and dedication. I think that most don't understand that part of it.

    Did you change your author name on these recent poems....your last name? Or has my senility finally taken over? Has not Royale changed to Bollin? From your original name to your married name?

    And while I'm at it -- I love your new format -- the soft blue is soothing and fits comfortably. (You did change formats didn't you? If you say you didn't.....I give up.)

  6. Thank you all so much for reading! I appreciate it so much! Your comments are all such an encouragement to me!

    And welcome to my labor of love T-Shirt and Tails! I'm so glad to have you joining!
    Jerry - I hope that people who maybe didn't realize this truth will find this poem and be encouraged as well as educated in the true meaning of what it means to truly love.

    As to your questions... :)

    My complete name is Adrielle Royale Bollin, adrielleroyale is my user name and site name and I usually sign my author name as Adrielle R. Bollin. So you're not losing it, just mixing it up a bit. And yes I did change the format LOL! I'm glad you like it! I thought it was a nice change and would help some of my photos "pop" a little better. :) Have a wonderful week!!

  7. How did you get so wise, Adrielle? It took me years of marriage to learn the lessons you already seem to have absorbed...LOL! That said, I can testify that a loving long-term marriage is one of the greatest blessings life can offer.

    This is a wonderful poem...:)


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