Sunday, May 22, 2011

Choosing Love

Choosing Love
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

What a wonderful thing this subject of ages
The journey embarked on by nobles and sages
From presidents and royals to players and fools
None can resist dipping into love's mysterious pools
It harbors safe havens and takes crazy risks
Can harden a heart when things go amiss
It has the capacity to hurt while it heals
It can soften a heart made of fortified steel
It makes lions of cowards and cowards of lions
It changes the world by touching one ion
Love is an action, a choice that you make
To risk nothing at all or to chance a mistake
The ebb and flow of relationship tides
Mean constantly choosing to follow left or go right
When soaring it's easy to fly along together
But sometimes the road is longer than ever
It's then you must choose to walk or persist
 To weather the storm, the boredom and mist
To drop what you've worked for like a good bye kiss
Or to reap the reward to work for love's bliss
To be continued...


  1. Dear Adrielle, what a lovely poem that so reflects my state of mind.
    Yes indeed, a safe harbour - that is what I found.
    Love your potpourri of words and images that come across as endless magic.
    Thnak you for this beautiful, romantic and poignant start of a new week,

  2. Such beautiful words and pictures...the perfect pairing. Love is all this, it can make us or break us.

  3. Lovely. Did you take the photographs?

  4. Zuzanna, again, I couldn't be happier for you my friend :)
    LadyCat, exactly! And thank you, your visits are always so welcomed :)
    Robert, yes all photographs are mine unless I state otherwise :) I have a Nikon D3000 and a MyTouch 3G which come in handy for these :)

  5. I like the connectedness of deep thought in prose, such strong empowering language. I shall visit here again.

  6. Of your last few poems, this is my favorite. It creeps into my soul and rests there comfortably.


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