Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Struggles and trials mark your road well traveled
A lifelong wrestler with the world  and its gavel
Your beautiful heart often hidden by pain
Yet still you have managed to thrive and to gain

Expressing your love like a silent firework show
Your piercing blue eyes say more than you know
A leader at heart though you take off the cape
But soon you will find it's a role you will shape
Your road has been quiet through mountains and timber
Your gentle brown eyes like the soft snow of winter
The wisdom you gain from whispering hills
Settles your heart, your mind and your will

Yet your laugh and smile is full and rich
You live out your life like it's your last dying wish
Observing the tides of life's ebb and flow
You keep close the secret to your spirit's glow
Your road has been like the hills of Duluth 
Your smoldering brown eyes with mischief and truth
You brave the new world with your voice and your tongue
Holding accountable the old and the young

A man with a mission and still much to learn
You take what you can to grow and discern
Your vision gets stronger as experience expands
As with great leaders, your resolve helps you stand


  1. Wow such insight and wisdom!

  2. So true, resolve is always important in any kind of endeavor.
    Lovely poetry dear Adrielle, I hope you had a great weekend,

  3. I selfishly attempted to figure out which brother I would prefer to be -- which persona is most comfortable. It is number two -- so that makes this poem personal.


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