Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Love Like Ours

The thing with love, is that sometimes it leaves you tongue tied...

"A  Love Like Ours"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

How can I explain a love like ours

That is deep and wide 
That is full and empty
It gives and it takes 
 It is rich and poor

Utterly human and perfectly divine
Perfect harmony with splitting discord
Poetic and beautiful 
Then choppy and uneven

Patient and kind
Intolerant and selfish
Close together and far apart
Like a rubber band or a flexible glue

It is thick and thin
Macro and micro
It's dramatic and then mellow
Passionate as fire and passive as sleep

Frustrating and exhilarating
Deeply knowing and completely missing
 Filled with laughter and saturated with tears
 Like a Monet and like a photograph

It's nothing I had dreamed yet everything I want

...Yet still you find yourself smiling anyway


  1. I love this! The best kind of love - it sounds perfect in every way. For sure, the kind of love to make one count their blessings.

    Have a perfect weekend!

  2. beautiful poem!

  3. Beautiful love, this one described here is a true yin and yang kind. What a fulfilling kind of love indeed, never boring, always on one side of the spectra, keeping you guessing.;)
    Lovely words as always dear Adrielle,

  4. I can only assume that you are writing from your life -- and if so, someone is extraordinarily blessed.

  5. Love is truly a roller coater ride, but we're always smiling at the end : )

  6. Ah, Adrielle.. you've covered the full spectum of love in all its complexity and joy. I could use your words to describe my marriage of forty-three years..they confirm that I wouldn't have missed a single one of the moments that made us who we are today! Thank you for that...and thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog...I'm always glad to see you've stopped by...:)


  7. Another great poem you've got there Adrielle! Love the words you've selected. I really admire your work!

  8. Great Poem!!and yes I'm still smiling!!Warmest Regards,Cat


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