Monday, December 6, 2010


By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

As clear as a cloudless bright blue sky
Certain as the ice cold chill in the winter air
The truth that has been revealed to me
Must provoke, stimulate, drive and dare

I mustn't falter, regret or stand still
I must climb with a sure and calculated aim
Take what I have learned, discovered and found
Use it to the full capacity and for greatest gain

Heart do not despair and soul do not quit
Remember the vision and go ever farther
Follow your instinct that God given wisdom
Hold tight to life lessons and always try harder

Give a great push and light up that fire
Don't settle for less or you ever will ache
Remember your wits and those perilous ruts
Try not to repeat those same old mistakes

Stay true to your core but change your ways
You know what is wrong and why all the falls
Now push yourself forward past all generations
Trust in the Spirit and hear the gentle calls

Never give up and never surrender
Don't let it weigh down your soul's ambition
Though a mighty great feat it is indeed
Keep firm on the road till comes the fruition


  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Staying true to oneself and ones hopes and dreams, while retaining ones integrity is the art of living fully. Never giving up, no matter the prospects - does bring rewards eventually.;))
    Always a pleasure to stop by here, now I feel motivated to face a new day and step out into the heavy snow.;)))

  2. Very wise words. And very timely for me...this was helpful for me to read today. You have a very lovely blog : )

  3. First, thank you so much for visiting me.

    Second, worthwhile portrayal of a worthwhile goal. The trick is figuring out what one's core beliefs are. After way too many years, I figured I was trying to hard -- and just needed to stick with my gut.

    Warm wishes,


  4. Okay -- it just clicked. You are the author -- and I am humbled.

  5. The subject of your poem is along the lines of one of my blog essays: "".....'cept you said it a lot prettier than I did.

  6. Adrielle,
    We have discovered a beautiful thought provoking blog here. Wow.. I enjoy your poems, lyrics, and beautiful pictures here. Thanks for sharing them and I'm sure I'll return for more inspiration. Have a great weekend and hope your holiday plans are coming along quite nicely!
    :) The Bach (Lord Thomas of Wellington)


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