Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Dawning

The Dawning 
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

A new day is dawning With new realizations
Like a morning mist at sunrise I am seeing revelations 
Though truth is made clear The path is still uncertain
There are yet many questions Round this cursed iron curtain
The beauty of truth Can be so hard to follow
When you've built your foundation On ground that is hollow
But the grandeur of life Is that the will can find a way
Where once there was a ceiling Now stars will obey
 My heart has been aching To be truly free
Of all of these teachings Which crucify me
To follow my instinct And the wisdom you gave
To take the initiative For once to be brave
To take what I've learned To highest of heights
To walk with a purpose And focus my sights
For all I've been given Is all that I need
Help me know what that is How to grow and succeed 


  1. This was so beautiful, particularly the second paragraph...
    I have just had my heart broken, incredibly shattered this time around, but this poem made me aware of how much beauty there is still to discover...
    So thank you and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving,

  2. lovely poem! the surise picture is divinely beautiful! =)

  3. Your poems are like psalms- feel good n motivational :)

  4. ...and an endearing photographer.

    I try to imagine how you create this...write a line and then rewrite and rewrite? A stanza written in a flurry off the top of your head? Wander for days to succumb to the perfect mood?

    I guess my lack of understanding, and awe, stems from, despite repeated attempts, I simply can't do it.

  5. Great words and photos! I particularly love the second shot. :)

  6. Thank you all so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments! Jerry, in answer to your query, I started this blog last year in September as a challenge to write a poem or a song, or something every week, just to see if I could do it and to discipline myself to follow through with something. I am always amazed that inspiration comes without fail every week! :) It has been a wonderful journey and has led me to find other talented people such as yourself and my other followers as well as the blogs I follow (found by shuffling through). There is inspiration a plenty if you watch for it. :)

    rantravereflect/ jane, Shawn, Hope and Zuzana, blessings to you all for such regular encouragement! You all help make this that much sweeter for me!


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