Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Long For Summer

I long for summer
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Because I wish For summer's sun
And greener grass To play and run
 To gaze at the glory In every living thing
 And become wrapped up In the beauty summer brings
 Because of the births That do reoccur
 Along with the color That paints the earth
I Miss the season Where warmth is rich
Yes I long for summer While winter attempts to bewitch


  1. Yes, me too dear friend.;) Summer is my favorite season and it is still so very very far away...
    Lovely words and images, thank you for bringing warm days a bit closer.;)

  2. Beautiful blog. Warm regards to the charming and beloved, great Minnesota!

  3. What a nice brief break from winter...such beautiful photos : )

  4. In the humid heat of summer, I long for the winter. And of course, during mid-winter I start wishing for some of that humidity.

    You said it better. With pictures. Actually, you said it a whole lot better.

  5. There is snow on the ground and my heat in my house in broken. Your summer photo's just warmed my soul!

  6. OOOOH, your blog is very pretty. Funny thing, I was just thinking today as I started the car early this morning in the bitter cold that I want summer here...NOW! Then I read your post that you already beat me to that sentiment!
    Found you from Bach's blog! Love the photos! and your background is amazing. Very pretty. Your profile pic is cute too. Cute, cute!

  7. Loved the best thing about your poetry again. The Simplicity.

    Although you've done better, this made me feel good. :)


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