Thursday, November 4, 2010

In God and In You

Ah the dynamic relationship of siblings.  I know it isn't prevalent in all sibling relationships but in my family, the blood runs thick whether we see each other often or not.  Still though, no matter how much we try to protect each other and fight for each other, there comes a time (several times in fact) when we must let them figure it out on their own; when you have to just shut up and let them walk right back into the pile of crap they just walked out of.  The time comes when they just have to figure it out themselves.  Perhaps you've had friendships that have ended or even became stronger because of this same kind of experience?  I know I have.  While there are many moments when advice can be given and even received and taken, there are many more where they just have to try it themselves for whatever the reason - or do the stupid thing yet again.  This is about that realization and about the frustration behind it as well as the cure.  Sometimes you just gotta let go and pray like hell that they make it out reasonably unscathed but smarter and wiser in the end. 

"In God and In You"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

I want to write you a letter
I want to sing you a song
But I think I know better
You'll take what I say wrong

You'll throw up your defenses
And tell me you can't be helped
I'll try to make you see sense
While you drink and I yell

But for once I think I really see
You alone must take your victory
And though I'll pray like hell
As only a sister can so well
Hope against hope that God brings you through
I gotta have faith in God and in you

I want to scream and curse
The very ground she walks on
And then kick you just as hard
Till you see the obvious con

Cause you know I love you
With the fiercest loyalty
You know your sister's love
It's protective quality

I know you my brother
You're better than this
You've got the potential
Don't give it death's kiss


  1. Adrielle, I can soo understand the protectiveness u've displayed here.. even I feel the same way for my little sister. But we have to let go, for the very reason that we can not be there always by their side to shield them from danger.. better to teach them how to be self-strong and protect themselves. Cheers n Happy Diwali, Punam

  2. I lost my Mum in September this year and it's drawn me and my two sisters closer together than ever.

  3. Oh, so beuatiful and I so recognize the sentiments.;) I guess, in my case, I am the one who seems to be walking into the same mistakes, over and over again. Even though I try not to. At times I wonder why, but then I realize that is the way I am. We can learn a lot from the past, but it is difficult to change who we are.
    Beautiful lyrics...

  4. blood is thicker than water, no matter how much one denies it.. n yeh brothers n sisters shud be ya series on the hitlist- if ya wanna see family bonding btw bos n sisters on tv

  5. The first time I've seen you write something so intense.

    Loved it. It reminded me of my relationship with my brother. Although we don't display it (at all), we both know that deep down inside, there is nothing that is more important to each other than the other.

    Does 'R' in your middle name stand for Ravishing?!


  6. i know what you mean about siblings; you may argue with them all the time, but you love them so much in the end! =)


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