Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harness The Wind

Harness The Wind
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Oh restless heart
Like a reckless wind
When will you calm
Be still my friend

You rage and push
Till time does bend
Yet still you blow
That fire you tend
A great big noise
A gathered whoosh
You huff and puff
Till shove comes push

A cool refresh
A needed breeze
You cannot mend
You taunt and tease

But strength will wane
And you'll pass by
You'll become weak
At last you'll sigh

Till breath has left
And wore you down
Till you are tamed
You'll wear a frown

Oh hapless heart
Just wait and see
Your joy will come
This I decree

So while you rage
And vent your ire
I'll use your flame
As well your fire

Take care to blow
O'er open seas
And not to break
Or destroy please

For in your hands
A clue resides
Harness the wind
And learn to ride


  1. Well, if i were a windmill- i'd really know how to harness the wind :)

  2. The restless wind, it yearns to be free, those who learn to harness it are truly lucky.;)

  3. what an invigorating poem-perfect for the windy and exciting fall weather! =)


  4. A wonderful Fall poem that serves as a metaphor for the challenges life throws at us..."harness the wind and learn to fly". Beautifully written!

  5. Amazing work, Adrielle! Those heartfelt words of yours amaze me every time !


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