Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Body

Dear Body of Mine,

I know you've had a lot of stress to deal with lately, but since I continue to eat well and treat you well enough - better than many other people treat themselves - please stop breaking out and stopping production on the inside. Just because I am a bit stressed out does not mean that you should be too. Brain, you must pull yourself together so that I can remember things better and stop running all night long with useless chatter. Belly, for the love of God, work the stuff through like you always would and stop swelling and complaining! Skin, winter is here so start producing extra moisture and whatever else you need to stop breaking out. If you stop breaking out, I can then stop picking at you. Low back and Sciatica, I apologize for not taking better care of you, please bear with me, I hope to be gaining more rest soon and therefore more energy for exercise... and if I don't get that rest and energy, I promise to force myself to exercise even when I don't feel like it so as to prevent further problems. Lastly, Spirit of God inside of me, if you could speak up just a bit, that would be great. Thank you all for your cooperation and help in this matter.




  1. Wonderful post! Just discovered your blog via your comment on mine. Such a well written post, can't wait to read more. Adding you to my blog roll so I can find you again easily, but hope to hear from you again, too! Oops I think it was published already so might be sending this twice - but longer. xx

  2. Thank you! I love your blog by the way - thanks for reading mine! :)


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