Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Cherished Notes"

"Cherished Notes"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin
The way He loves with all He has
Is so inclusive and unabashed
Like a sudden rainfall or bright moon beam
He overwhelms and shines on me
That perfect love that has no bounds
No greater love will ever be found
He'll show it through a stranger's eyes
You'll see it too in prairie skies
The sacrifice that I recall 
Was just for me, was for us all
He gives me place, gives hope and life
He clothes with peace, removing strife
Like wind which blows but is not seen
Or air so crisp, so clear and clean
Like a sea of green Kentucky trees
Or the wash of blue Caribbean seas
I see His love and feel his grace
As I take it all in, in every place
Though I long for the day He'll come again
I'll cherish each note in nature's pen


  1. Amazing photos! I can't pick a favorite, they are ALL so beautiful. I hope you have a magical week.

  2. This is so words and pictures. I especially love the moon photo and the pier at the bottom. Amazing!

  3. See, this is why I still do my blog: I came here to send a smiley face and thank you for your comments (and yes, I do know what you meant! ; ) and in return, I got rewarded with beautiful images, thoughts, and words, which will stay with me throughout my day.

    I had just felt kind of toxic from reading things on twitter from silly, vacuous, bullying immature women, and coming here was my antidote to all that. So thank you, from my heart.

  4. What an astonishingly beautiful set of images to illuminate your lovely words.

  5. Dear Adrielle, what stunning images and what beautiful words, almost spiritual.;) Always enjoy poems about love, of any kind.;)


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