Sunday, November 27, 2011


What can I say folks, my silver-tongue is quiet as a stone these days... All is well, I just can't seem to find a poem in me these days.  Forgive my absence... Here are some photos to hold your attention just a bit longer.  :)


  1. It happens to us all, Adrielle. I am not a poet, but I have had fewer things in my mind, creatively speaking, recently than before. I used to blog I am lucky to think of something 2x a month.
    Beautiful photos which I am enjoying and your background is beautiful, too!
    It will come back to you...they say this happens to all ARTISTES.

  2. These are beautiful photos!... LadyCat gave me an early Christmas present. A new camera. I've been having fun with it, learning how to use it. Thanks for sharing these great shots!
    Hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving :)

  3. Beautiful photos, saying so much without saying anything at all. I know how you feel. I feel so empty and void these days, nothing feels like it is worth blogging about. I guess we all have times like these, at least it seems there are a few of us are stuck in "silent" mode.

    I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving...and have a beautiful week ahead.


  4. Oh, who needs words when you share images like these... All I can say is wow...
    This is when a picture can speak louder than a thousand words...
    And as I love skies, this was a true treat for me.;))

  5. Beautiful photo...thanks for sharing. I can see a heart in the middle of the first one : )

  6. Even without words or poetry, these photos are entirely eloquent by themselves. Simply stunning - and a great reminder of the stunning simplicity of the greatest moments.

  7. Poeting is hard work so you deserve a bit of a rest. Take your time and don't worry about it. Just sneak in a picture or two as beautiful as these were every now and then.



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