Saturday, August 6, 2011

Step Into the Light

"Step Into The Light"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

As light enters in and opens up the heavens
Bringing it's beauty our hearts it does beckon
Exposing the world one foot at a time
Sweetly it whispers and gently it shines
Yet in it's own time it shines with full force
Revealing the truth and obstacle course
Making things known which were hidden before
Allowing veracity and dispelling folklore 
It is then we can walk with steps well assured
When darkness is banned, dispelled and deterred
To see the light is more than a coined phrase
It's a dawning of the mind that can change your ways
Step into the light where the shadows can't play
Rest in the warm glow of the son's loving gaze
Feel the heat of all of heaven's stare
As you walk the fields and breath in earthy air


  1. What beautiful and amazing pictures to match beautiful words. I so love the picture of you, beautiful. "Feel the heat of Heaven's stare" is such a beautiful line, and a beautiful thought to have.

    What kind of camera do you have? I'm looking to buy a new one, but I am always afraid to make a choice without seeing pictures before buying. I did that one time, it was not a good choice. :)

    Have a beautiful and lovely week sweetie. xOx

    As always, I appreciate you coming by and leaving your beautiful thoughts on my blog.

  2. Awesome landscape shots!!! Lovely words as well!

  3. Great photos and your words are so uplifting. We all need to reach out of the darkness and embrace the light.

  4. Sixpence, Thank you so much!! As you know it took many many shots to get that one good one! lol And it is a pleasure to visit you on your blog. To answer your question, I use two cameras, one is my MyTouch 4G camera phone and the other is my Nikon D3000 camera of which I am pretty happy with but do need to boost the color in editing sometimes to match what I saw with my own eyes. :) The second and fourth pictures I know are from my Nikon, the other two were most likely from my phone.

    Shawn and Lady, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words as they do inspire! :)

  5. Dear Adrielle, loved these words and imagery, as I can relate to what it feels like when we step into the light...
    Is it you on the picture, I wonder.;))
    Hope you have been well, I am back online.;))

  6. What great pics! Tell us about your mom. She is a painter? I would love to learn. :)

  7. // Exposing the world one foot at a time
    Sweetly it whispers and gently it shines //

    Genius, Adrielle. Genius.

  8. Awe, Thank you so much, Rohit!!! :) That means a lot!

    Zuzanna, so happy to see you back online!! :)

    Lord Thomas, my mom is a wonder! She is a painter who owned a faux finish business and still does some of that kind of work on the side (although it's now mostly murals that she does). She also does paintings both complex and simple and has been trying to get a new business up and running called "Your Vision, My Brush" where if you have an idea of what you want painted, you can pay her to paint it for you. It's a pretty cool idea if you ask me :) As for her motherly qualities, she is awesome!! She is one of my best friends and is so supportive and caring - I have pretty much never had to wonder if my mom loves me. She's a blessing! :)

  9. Wow....very nice blog and all picture is awesome.i like it so much.Nice to meet u.

  10. Thank you Md. Shahriar Haque, and thank you for stopping by! :)

  11. I think this is in the top three of your poems that I like. Maybe I should say poems/photos, for they both compliment the other so well. I am just envious of your ability to pluck just the right combination of words that conveys the message gently and meaningfully. It is a privilege to be your fan.

  12. Such beautiful, inspiring images - your eye for celebrating landscape and catching moments is wonderful.


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