Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Grand Adventure

Our Grand Adventure
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

My love you are so good to me
You show me love that sets me free
Providing love and earthly things
 Trust, respect and honor you bring

Love so deep it hugs my heart
So wide and vast the end and start
Love so full it floods my senses
So high and low, beyond all fences

I'm broken and whole within the same breath
Every day I seem to find new depth
In the whole world there is none like you
When I'm close or away it's confirmed to be true

You keep me coming back for more
The way you reach me to my core
Your hands, your words, and your intentions
I can't get enough of your affections

You're my adventure and I'm your treasure
Climbing the mountains through pain and pleasure
Braving the cliffs and resting in the fields
Forever free though our hearts together are sealed


  1. This is so beautiful...a touching ode to what true love can be. To find that special person in this world is such a blessing.

  2. You are truly blessed to have found a love so fulfilling. LadyCat is so right, beautiful!

    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend, Adrielle. xOx

  3. Yes, I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband! Thank you both for your lovely comments. :)

  4. beautiful :)

    Happy Easter! :D

  5. How can he not be the happiest man on earth?

    You are a treasure, and you are his riches.

  6. What a beuatiful tribute to a loved one...
    I hope that one day I can feel this way about someone again and feel loved this way in return..
    You have a true way with words, dear Adrielle.;)
    I am back online and hope you are well,

  7. "You're my adventure and I'm your treasure"...nicely said! I have a wonderful husband too, and love this description of a relationship. We're not only blessed, Adrielle, we know that we are...:)


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