Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring's Rebirth

Spring's Rebirth
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

The sweet smell of the earth is bursting forth
With the deep musk of winter's cold fading breath
Brilliant colors dance playfully into view
As Spring comes to life and Winter to death

Drunk are my senses with the wonder of it all
Migrations and rhythms that make the earth hum 
The cycle of life, the annual resurrection
The birth and rebirth of the world's fertile drum

Through darkest adversity it's purpose remains
Even in urban jungles the wild will survive
Flourishing and growing where ever it can
Though barren in season even deserts come alive



  1. When nature wants to burst forth she lets nothing stand in her way. 'Cept you said it better. And with pictures. Very good, my friend.

  2. Ah, you've said it perfectly, Adrielle! I too, feel drunk with the wonder of spring! And great photos you the shadows and reflections on the first two...:)

  3. The cycle of life says it so well, Living, dying and rebirth are what the seasons teach us. Your flower photos are so beautiful. I haven't seen lily of the valley in years. We had them in our yard when I was a child : )

  4. What GORGEOUS photos and words - and yes it always feels that each spring is more deeply emotional for me than the last: and it's not all happy, either. It's a deeply primitive sense of happiness combined with grief, loss.. I don't even know where that comes from. It's like a very early memory.

    It's an especially gorgeous spring here in London because we had a lot of rain, and then it was actually sunny during the same time that the trees were in flower: a rare combination that has been just so gorgeous. Still is.

    Almost forgot why I came here: to thank you for that comment on my comment on Anonymous's comment. I don't thank you enough for your presence on my blog - I am really grateful. But especially for that one: I didn't delete it, but apart from you no one seemed to notice it. Or my response ; )

    Have a wonderful weekend and virtually see you soon ; ) x


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