Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My first blogging award! :)

What an honor!!
Just a note...I just found out that I have been awarded the stylish blogger award from Lady Cat
Thank you so much! It works like this:

•Thank and link back to the person that awarded me
•Share 7 things about myself
•Pay it forward to recently discovered bloggers
•Contact those bloggers about the award

Some things about myself:
... have the best hubby and daughter a woman could ask for
...started blogging in October of 2009
... have three brothers and a beautiful sister in law
...have hazel eyes
...listen to books on CD while I work
...am a sucker for "reality" television
...am a newborn shoe lover ;)

And now I pass the award onto these recently discovered stylish bloggers:


  1. Congratulations and keep celebrating :)

  2. Wow! Congrats Adrielleroyale! I must agree with LadyCat; your blog is a stylish delight!
    Thank you for my first ever blog award! That was very thoughtful of you! :)
    Lord Thomas of Wellington

  3. Congratulations! You so deserve it.;) And thank you so much for passing it onto me.;) I will display this award proudly on my sidebar.;)
    I had no idea you had a daughter already - you look so young.;))

  4. Oh my gosh! I have been so impressed with your blog and am so excited you were selected and now you have given me A MAJOR AWARD...I HAVE A MAJOR AWARD! Now I have to get to thinkin' about who I will give it to next and what I will say about myself...oh no...writer's block is goin' to set in...

  5. How cool! I will have to think about my 7 things and who to tag.

    I used to listen to books whille I worked too. These days as I'm at home with the little one so I have to hear her I do that less(though I down loaded two books this am) I highly recomend Audible.com but feel free to ignore that recomendation :)

  6. WOW.. Its really a big achievement..

  7. Thank you dear girl for the award! I can feel the love . . . oh, and the style! :)

  8. Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog! It's really an honour!

  9. It's so nice to learn more about you : )
    I recognize a few of your recipients ; ), but am off to check out the ones that are new to me.
    Thanks for the kind mention.

  10. Thank you for thinking of me. And since it was you that thought of me, that makes it truly special.

    Ahh -- a hazel-eyed reality-show-aficionado shoe-lover. You also, with a few words, say a lot.


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