Thursday, January 6, 2011

Escaping Winter

 Escaping Winter
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Exhaustion comes To haunt the soul
Both lack of sleep And retreating goal
The gray and white Which covers the north
It deadens my senses Depression brought forth

Every winter This has been true
Till I gained a light Which is peeking through
A reason to smile To laugh and reflect
A constant reminder Of the ways I am blessed

Excitement to come That lasts all year
Simply in knowing Appreciation made clear
When I stop to think Of all I've been given
The blessing of friends And simply of livin'

The chance to get out To touch the whole world
Old rules to be broken The chains come unfurled
A brand new world Has been opened to me
Depression must go Must leave, must flee

Slowly the Healer Is giving me wings
By showing me people Who inwardly sing
My heart which was shattered Is beginning to live
So many I must thank And to the world I must give

For though it is dark And trouble abounds
There's always a light That is consistently found
As long as I live I shall seek and will find
The sweetest of grapes On every vine

This poem is dedicated to the very special people in my life who have made such a huge impact on me this past year.  The obvious being my family both close and extended - how wonderful to be stuck with you forever! :) I love you all!!  But also the newcomers and those in this blogging community.  You have changed my perspective and in your own unique ways shined light into my life.  You brought healing and refreshment after a very long hard year and an even longer few years before that. Words can hardly express how grateful I am to you all.  So thank you again for your friendship and support, it is infinitely appreciated!  Blessings again to you all!


  1. I'm not sure what to comment. The union of the images and your wonderful prose makes the whole all that much greater.

    But I think you may be forgetting some stuff. You are talented, witty, passionate, lovely, and earnest -- all the ingredients, when combined, makes the 'you' greater than those individual characteristics. I guess what I am trying to say is that with your youth, the world is at your feet. You can only win -- achieve what you want. In fact, I dare say you would have to work to not achieve what you want.

    I hope that you take pride of who you are and feel excited about jumping out of bed in the morning and being 'you'!

    Okay -- I got off on the wrong track and forgot what my message was. I guess I just feel like you have the capability to sweep aside the 'dark and trouble abounds' to latch onto the positive and fulfilling.

    I'll shut up now. I just hope you appreciate you as much as we do.

  2. Dear Adrielle, this send shivers down my spine...
    Sometimes I view you as a kindred soul, you often express what I feel and mirror my own reality with your beautiful poetic words. I too have disliked winters and particularly January and February before, yet now I view them with a renewed affection due to a special person that entered my life recently. But it is also due to one other single fact - I try to see the positive in my life and it seems that when I do, positive things come my way.
    I am sure I speak for many when I say that I rather think that we are the one that feel blessed to have met you.;))

  3. That was a very nice poem....
    It is not easy to express one's feelings in black and white. It is amazing the ease in which you have done it.
    Thanks for being my guest in my blog page

  4. This is a deeply touching poem and your photos are beautiful.
    P.S. I gave you the 'stylish blogger award' on my blog. Stop by if you would like to participate. I hope you don't mind :) Your blog is always so lovely and I enjoy visiting here.

  5. Very heartfelt and inspiring...

  6. Great photography.. really nice.. thanks for sharing..

  7. Absolutely beautiful to read on a Saturday morning. The photos fit the prose perfectly. I love the line "Slowly the Healer is giving me wings". We all need healing, some more than others, but we all need to feel the healing that comes from open awareness, or maybe just from a whisper in our dreams. I wish a wonder day and weekend for you.

    Thanks so much for your visits to my blog. It is a joy to read your comments.


    And btw, your blog is beautiful!


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