Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Run Away

Have you ever tried to express something that refused to flow in your usual style of writing?  Well this song is just that.  It is an expression that at least for the moment, refuses to flow the way I want it to and yet it expresses exactly what I want it to.  This morning as I was reading other blogs, I realized how beautiful some things are when they are simply written down, recorded, and expressed.  (ie. ) So for the moment (or perhaps forever) I will present it as is.  I hope you enjoy it regardless of it's (in my opinion) lack of perfection.  :)

I Run Away
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

I run away To a place of escape
You follow me To the ends of the sea
In this vast blue world Of ocean waters
I hear you call my name
Your heart beat throbs with the sea
There is no escaping your love for me

So why do I run
Because I'm afraid
Of all you have planned
Of all that's unclear
So why do I run
Because I am broken
Confused and shaken
That's why I run

This ocean is vast Reminding me of you
I'll take you in But only you my friend
I don't want religion And all her lies
I want to breath your freshest air
To take in your beautiful blue green stare
Just us two in your ocean of you

Oh and soon I will see
All the best you have for me
And soon there will be
No more need for this running

And then I will run with you
Take up the world with you
We'll show them the way
To your love filled ocean
Yes I will run with you
Because I am whole with you
Because I am stronger
That's when I'll run


  1. Dear Adrielle,
    this was truly beautiful. I do not know if one can feel connected to a person, that is on the other side of the world, and whom I have never met, but you seem to have expressed in your song, everything that occupies my mind. How that is possible I refuse to try to understand.;)
    With that said, thank you so much for the mention and the link, I am very flattered and even more so I am happy that my simple post inspired you to write such beuatiful verses...
    I also so very much cherish your recent visit and all the wonderful and substantial comments you have left.
    Thank you.;))
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  2. if running was synonymous with love, ma lover- ya and i would be participating in the biggest marathon..

  3. It's very nice to meet you Adrielle! So glad you stopped by to visit my page and leave kind words. I'm happily signing up to follow your site...

    I really like your song, especially "in this vast blue world of ocean waters"...beautifully said. now that the words are down on paper, you may find the elusive flow will rise up to meet your expectations. I would definitely like to hear this put to music!

    By the way, the design of your page is one of the prettiest I've seen....:)


  4. A song! Would you mind if I try to strum to this? :)
    You, me lady, are what they call a on the other hand, is someone tryin on a mask at a summer carnival!

    scribblers Inc.

    P.S.- Thanks for droppin' by so often. Is a real inspiration!

  5. Scribblers, you go right ahead and strum it! I've been trying to hack something out of it as well, but that's kind of hard considering I'm not that kind of musician! I can sing, but my voice is the only instrument I know how to play. And thank you :)

    Thank you all for stopping by and for the inspiration you provide - I hope you all know that I mean every word I say when I read your blogs, it's amazing to see such creativity at work! It inspires me to stretch myself more and more, to reach higher and dig deeper. So thank you!

  6. what a lovely song! you always post the most artistic songs and poetry =)


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