Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ode to Summer

Ode To Summer
By Adrielle R. Bollin

Yellow rays beat down on my browning skin
Warming my face as I relax from outside in
The water surrounding laps at my feet
As the soft wind blows and relieves the heat

Not a sound in the air but nature's quiet melody
And the soft low rumble of boats moving restlessly
I breath in the scent of the lake, flowers and grass
And look out sleepily at the sparkling sea of glass

Content as a kitten in a warm patch of sun
Soaking it up, counting blessings one by one
Deep from within me escapes a long sigh
That curves my lips to a satisfied smile


  1. Oh my daughter your just like me, finding peace with the waters simmering the day down to vapor. The suns rays tickling your nose and soft breezes declaring fragrances of the Fine one.
    It all rests on us like the morning dew nourished again before we open our eyes.
    I Love you daughter your just like me.

  2. That's the summers on the lake!! love it m'dear!!!

  3. your photos are so pretty! =)

  4. Momma, yes I am more like you all the time your love of nature has rubbed off on me as has my pappa's ability to appreciate the simple things in life. :) I love you both so very much!!

    Thank you Hope! I am hoping to give even better photos with my poetry now that I have a new camera! :)


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