Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here You Are

"Here You Are"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

The day has finally dawned
The sun is shining bright
Today will be a good one
You come home to me tonight

My heart is racing faster
Knowing you'll soon be near
Feels like I've waited for hours
As seconds tic-toc my ear

Then here you are
The waiting is over
Take me in your arms
As I cry on your shoulder
I'm so glad you made it home
I am overwhelmed with love
All the joy inside my heart
Is running over like a flood 
Here you are

How I ever let you go
Is a mystery to me
I know it was necessary
But it made it hard to breath

In a way you never left
In my heart you always dwelled
But it's never quite the same
As in your arms where I was held

My love I hope you always know
My heart is yours come rain, sun or snow

 Photograph taken by Margaret Sandahl Thomas, 1967–1997

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  1. One great example of the price of freedom.


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