Thursday, September 9, 2010

"A New Beginning Again"

"A New Beginning Again"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Off to face the bright blue sky
Onward towards a brand new world
My face is lit by the sun's warm rays
The smile of freedom has been unfurled

My heart is dancing in sweet anticipation
My soul carefree and light as a feather
The adventure before me drawing me in
My feet are light as I skip through the heather

The ties are loosed from my spirit now
The chains are gone which held me down
The heavy robes have fallen off my shoulders
Revealing the lightest linen gown

Away from things familiar and drawn
Learning to fight and also to lead
My legs carry me to over and yon
No longer a girl but a woman indeed


  1. Very Impressive. I totally loved the simplicity with which your thoughts have been expressed.

    Love reading positive snippets. :)


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