Sunday, July 18, 2010


By Adrielle R. Bollin

Twisted in desire
Wanting everything
Knowing in the end
I'm on the wrong wing

What is it you want
You made me who I am
With eyes like butterflies
Flitting round the dam

So much here to see
So much left to do
Cannot understand
How I get to you

What are all these years
Training or a waste
Training for the waiting
Or training for the haste

Someone won't you pinch me
Move me from this spot
Kick me down the road
Pull me from this parking lot

I want to see the world
But I'm stuck here in the mud
Indecision binding
Comforts sucking blood

Who have I become
A woman or a girl
Princess or a prisoner
Agate or a pearl

Need to hear your guidance
Want to see your face
But somehow I'm unwilling
To run the same old race

Show me with your bright light
Where is it I turn
Heal my failing vision
Help me to discern

God I'm falling down
Won't you pick me up
Hold me in your arms
Fill me with your love

Restore my aching heart
To the fullness I enjoyed
Make me to remember
Take away the void

Teach me from your own mouth
Cure me of my doubt
Show me what I'm missing
And what to do without


  1. Awesome Writing. Absolutely love your poetry. You have a very amazing gift. I write also and I just created a blog today. Working on getting alot of things on here :)
    I know your Mom, btw. Awesome Lady!!

  2. Thank you! I look forward to reading your blog! :)


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