Sunday, January 3, 2010


Darkest of hours and all of their weight
The deepest of shadows revealing such hate
The sickness that held me and made me a slave
The evil that lurked tracking it's prey

Where you had found me alone in my fright
Weary and beaten, abused day and night
Rest had long left and fear would reside
Ruling my body, destroying me inside

Long were the years of wicked demise
So many times when I thought I would die
Torture that broke me but still left the fire
But death couldn't have what it truly desired

You found me and carried me on a road long and thin
Packed with my memories of terrible sin
I cried out in anguish as I saw it pass by
But you held me close never once left my side

A battle was waged as my misery played
Gently you helped me to wash it away
Your blood was the cure your Spirit my guide
A slow but sure remedy that brought me back to life

Truth was then spoken and peace came to dwell
There, was a garden where once was my hell
How could this be, the nightmare was gone
When I forgave you told me I won

All of the hurt and all of the pain
Melted like wax to a candle wick's flame
Slowly the layers were peeled from my frame
Carefully, surgically, you washed away blame

You restored my soul one day at a time
Brought teachers, doctors, and wisdom divine
You made me lay down when I wanted to run
Forced me to rest till the healing was done

Strength began slowly to enter my being
Little by little all chains were releasing
The weight I had carried was thrown ocean deep
Returned to it's owner, in the devil's keep

Still you are working, your hands ever weaving
Working their "magic", ever they're speaking
You set up dates as well as the time
Always connecting the branches to the vine

Pouring your love, filling my soul
Nurturing my spirit making me whole
No more a slave, no longer held down
The sky is my limit, peace is my gown

By: Adrielle R. Bollin

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