Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Welcomed Eavesdropper

The Welcomed Eavesdropper
By:  Adrie’lle R. Bollin

My Lord heard me as I spoke with my friends
We laughed with delight recounting His stories
How He turned things around and brightened our days
We listened in awe to testimonies of His glories

He smiled with us as He leaned in noting our hearts
For they glowed with His love and emanated His grace
As we went home to our families so filled with faith
He did not leave us but stayed with us each at our place

So filled were we that we woke early to seek His face
Wondering at all the possibilities we peered into heavenly realms
We danced with joy in His arms, sang more heartily than before
Carried the light more brightly, kept it shining at our helms

My Lord saw all these things and His heart was greatly moved
For though our lives held challenges and times of great distress
We remembered Him, His promises and all He had done
We chose the better way, we chose to trust, to abide in His rest

So He wrote what He saw in a book and declared 
That we would be His, a precious gem in His crown
Preserved and cherished for all time and for all to know
Saved from wrath that His love might be shown


  1. So lovely to see you writing here again. Beautiful and appropriate title to the poem too.

  2. Dear Adrielle, love this spiritual writing, I hope you are well.;)

  3. Really wonderful poem! A very apt title too, I love it!

  4. Really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing this.


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