Monday, March 25, 2013

Choose To Thrive
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

It is true that Love conquers all   
But not the kind you see on silver screens
The kind that lasts through every trial   
The sort that never fades and never flees
I have seen the vapors left by errant hearts   
And heard the cries of those ripped apart
I've heard the anthem 'I will survive'   
While knowing actually they could thrive
These words sung over and over again   
'I can't live without you' is a lie from dark dens
For though your heart may break in two   
There is a bright hope that you can choose

It does not steal your soul nor torment heart   
It does not need death nor poisonous dart
These lies we hear that revenge is sweet    
Are only sweet toxins giving bitterness license to breed
Do not be deceived my friends and my foes   
Your heart cannot hold these grudges and woes
Forgive your debtors and breakers of hearts    
Purge them instead and feel the weight depart
Let Love enter in and touch all your wounds    
Give Love your heart and give Him room
God who is Love can heal all your hurts    
And He will give more good than any soul deserves


  1. Dear Adrielle, you have so much passion in your heart. Your words and images are endlessly captivating...
    Happy Easter,

  2. Your words are amazing! So very true and many need to hear these words. I like the idea of thriving rather than just surviving.
    And your photos are awesome. I was sky and cloud watching today and am working on a post with some cloud photos. I kept seeing Angels in my clouds today.

  3. Great inspiration for a gloomy day. Thanks for posting and drop by me too anytime.

  4. What a perfect title to encapsulate and launch your beautiful thoughts and images.


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