Saturday, March 31, 2012

What If Love

"What If Love?"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

What if Love had a voice
What if you were Love's choice
And those eyes they burned for you
With mercy, compassion, justice and truth

What if Love was your defense
Your relief and recompense
What if Love was more than you
Bigger than life, than you ever knew

What if Love was really proud of you
If all your successes made Love smile with you
And all your failures made Love cry with you
What if all Love wanted was to hold and comfort you

What if Love made you stronger
And melted your heart for all sons and daughters
Quenched all your thirst and quelled deepest hunger
Gave you new eyes with which to ponder

What if wisdom was your mother
And loving kindness your brother
What if strength was a constant companion
And peace was your safe place to land in

What if joy was ever dancing in your heart
All because Love has been with you from the start
What if Love laid down His life for you
Even while knowing, Him, you wouldn't choose

What if Love was the best friend you ever had
Or the kind of father you'd be proud to have
What if Love could heal your heart and soul
Make you clean, fill you up and make you whole

What man or woman could fill Love's shoes
Who is limitless and ageless tell me who?
We do not fill Love's shoes, but Love fills ours
We who choose Love have Love's powers

What if Love?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Boy Shoes

This song is dedicated to all my girlfriends out there who are still waiting on that ring...

"Big Boy Shoes"
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

You've been together for how many years
Shared your lives, your joys and tears
She's been there when all others failed
Stood by your side when life derailed

She knows you like the back of her hand
Does thoughtful things even when she's mad
She's loyal like the rising sun
That smile of hers will bless someone

But she won't
Wait forever boy
Before too long, 
A real man is gonna come along
And do what you can't do
Come on boy, put on your big boy shoes

She's got dreams of a ring on her left hand
A wedding dress and maybe even a band
She wants to celebrate the love you share
She wants to know that you will always be there

You've got your reasons but I'm telling you
It's time to man up and face the truth
Either you love her or don't
By now you really ought to know

Cause she won't
Wait forever boy
Before too long, 
A real man is gonna come along
And do what you won't do
Come on boy, put on your big boy shoes

Oh she's good for you 
Your friends all like her too
Your family's taken her in
Tell me boy are you out or in

Cause she won't...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Old Psalm

A New Old Psalm
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

What can I say that has not twice been uttered
Yet still I will praise you if I repeat every word
What can I do that's not already been done
Yet still I will bless you even after the battle's won

For though you have angels surrounding your throne
Praising your name in most heavenly tones
Your heart alights when hearing my voice
Singing my thanks and declaring by choice

When troubles surround me and I cannot see
Your heart is moved so that you rescue me
You shine in your light of love and truth
So that once again I can come dancing with you
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