Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Old Psalm

A New Old Psalm
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

What can I say that has not twice been uttered
Yet still I will praise you if I repeat every word
What can I do that's not already been done
Yet still I will bless you even after the battle's won

For though you have angels surrounding your throne
Praising your name in most heavenly tones
Your heart alights when hearing my voice
Singing my thanks and declaring by choice

When troubles surround me and I cannot see
Your heart is moved so that you rescue me
You shine in your light of love and truth
So that once again I can come dancing with you


  1. so so beautiful I love it..

  2. Dar Adrielle, this spoke to me for another reason entirely. Writing a past for tomorrow I felt like that; what can I say that I have not said already?
    There is comfort in your last lines, a comfort that some of us find because we have faith; whether that is a religious one or spiritual.

  3. This belies your comment on my post. You do have the words -- they seem to be already written and tucked away inside. You blink, and they appear.

    You do know that you are not confined to composing delicious poetry, don't you? If the words of the poet aren't coming, let the words of the philosopher out. If the philosopher is silent -- allow Adrielle to simply talk.


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