Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Grand Adventure

Our Grand Adventure
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

My love you are so good to me
You show me love that sets me free
Providing love and earthly things
 Trust, respect and honor you bring

Love so deep it hugs my heart
So wide and vast the end and start
Love so full it floods my senses
So high and low, beyond all fences

I'm broken and whole within the same breath
Every day I seem to find new depth
In the whole world there is none like you
When I'm close or away it's confirmed to be true

You keep me coming back for more
The way you reach me to my core
Your hands, your words, and your intentions
I can't get enough of your affections

You're my adventure and I'm your treasure
Climbing the mountains through pain and pleasure
Braving the cliffs and resting in the fields
Forever free though our hearts together are sealed

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring's Rebirth

Spring's Rebirth
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

The sweet smell of the earth is bursting forth
With the deep musk of winter's cold fading breath
Brilliant colors dance playfully into view
As Spring comes to life and Winter to death

Drunk are my senses with the wonder of it all
Migrations and rhythms that make the earth hum 
The cycle of life, the annual resurrection
The birth and rebirth of the world's fertile drum

Through darkest adversity it's purpose remains
Even in urban jungles the wild will survive
Flourishing and growing where ever it can
Though barren in season even deserts come alive


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thriving In The Jungle

Thriving In The Jungle
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Stampeding horses, thundering hooves
Stubborn buffalo, who refuse to move
But in comes the rider to guide and to lead
Directing the traffic until all of them cede

Emotions like these while I step through the doors
Preceding the moment, like lions they roar
Like a native who navigates the jungle with ease
You whisper your secrets of survival to me

With each step I take I'm a little less scared
Reminding myself again that you're always there
The road that I travel though covered with snares
Is worth all the risk to show that you care

For out in that wild and unforgiving world
Are people who need to see love that's unfurled
They need to feel peace like a swan on the lake
They need to see beauty that can give and not take

So while in the labyrinth of woolly wild beasts
I'll heed your advice and eat the rare feasts
For without my guide I am ruled by the chase
Backed into a corner and left in distaste
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