Monday, June 13, 2011

Escaping Definition

"Escaping Definition"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Defined as loyal, wise and true
Defined as innocent and un-skewed
Defined as fragile and easily broken
Which felt like unrelatable, unspoken
Defined as structured and obedient
As delightful like a chef's key ingredient
Defined as naive with no knowledge of real pain
Like I was unfeeling, inexperienced and  plain
 My heart was torn between the knowns and unknowns
The beauty of safety and the adventure of danger zones
I had to see for myself so I could say I'd been there
I needed to break away, to fly on my own fare
So I broke the rules and dirtied my mouth
Proved to myself I could go north or south
Split myself into pieces so as not to be defined
Choosing everything and nothing like wind in the mind
Until one day I found there no longer was a road
I had learned so much but felt lost and so alone
Aimless and weary, bitter and perplexed
I went a new way, risking whatever came next
Defying definition yet wanting to be known
I explored the deserts and mountains of stone
Spoke with the scavengers, the fliers and sages
Slipping from name to name always turning pages


  1. Labels are so easily given, but hard to escape. Sometimes we find our way by taking the long and winding road to our true selves. What we experience and learn along the way is what makes us who we are. Thanks for your wisdom, stated so eloquently : )

  2. Dear Adrielle, it is almost as if you described me. Loved this beuatiful writing and I always feel that life is not defined by rules or us following a given road, but by the explorations we do when we stay off the beaten track.;)

  3. I love the photography, I'm assuming you are the photographer?

  4. LadyCat and Zuzana, thank you both! Your visits are always such a welcome sight!

    Robert, actually no, not a professional one at least :) but I do love photography, and do take a lot of pictures, so perhaps that is one label I could accept ;)

  5. Oh...and, Oh! This really struck a chord with me. You amazingly write for us all, I think.



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