Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harness The Wind

Harness The Wind
By:  Adrielle R. Bollin

Oh restless heart
Like a reckless wind
When will you calm
Be still my friend

You rage and push
Till time does bend
Yet still you blow
That fire you tend
A great big noise
A gathered whoosh
You huff and puff
Till shove comes push

A cool refresh
A needed breeze
You cannot mend
You taunt and tease

But strength will wane
And you'll pass by
You'll become weak
At last you'll sigh

Till breath has left
And wore you down
Till you are tamed
You'll wear a frown

Oh hapless heart
Just wait and see
Your joy will come
This I decree

So while you rage
And vent your ire
I'll use your flame
As well your fire

Take care to blow
O'er open seas
And not to break
Or destroy please

For in your hands
A clue resides
Harness the wind
And learn to ride

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cure

"The Cure"
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

It's in the simple sunrise
And with the shortest prayer
The long winded conversations
The crisp fall air

The sunshine on my skin
The beauty found within
It's the water washing over me
My healthy soul and limbs

It's the wisdom deep inside
A stranger's friendly glance
It's the places that I hide
And the beauty of the chance

It's how I know your patience
And when I learn your grace
It's knowing you can hear me
When I've clearly lost my place

It's the changing of the seasons
With the things that stay the same
It's the confidence in knowing
I can live without the strain

It's in the blazing sunsets
And golden harvest moon
It's in the pull of the ocean
And the calling of the loon

My heart is ever testing
And sensing to be sure
Your love is ever present
Ever proving to be the cure

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Run Away

Have you ever tried to express something that refused to flow in your usual style of writing?  Well this song is just that.  It is an expression that at least for the moment, refuses to flow the way I want it to and yet it expresses exactly what I want it to.  This morning as I was reading other blogs, I realized how beautiful some things are when they are simply written down, recorded, and expressed.  (ie.  http://lifeworkandpleasure.blogspot.com/2010/10/bouquet-of-roses.html ) So for the moment (or perhaps forever) I will present it as is.  I hope you enjoy it regardless of it's (in my opinion) lack of perfection.  :)

I Run Away
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

I run away To a place of escape
You follow me To the ends of the sea
In this vast blue world Of ocean waters
I hear you call my name
Your heart beat throbs with the sea
There is no escaping your love for me

So why do I run
Because I'm afraid
Of all you have planned
Of all that's unclear
So why do I run
Because I am broken
Confused and shaken
That's why I run

This ocean is vast Reminding me of you
I'll take you in But only you my friend
I don't want religion And all her lies
I want to breath your freshest air
To take in your beautiful blue green stare
Just us two in your ocean of you

Oh and soon I will see
All the best you have for me
And soon there will be
No more need for this running

And then I will run with you
Take up the world with you
We'll show them the way
To your love filled ocean
Yes I will run with you
Because I am whole with you
Because I am stronger
That's when I'll run

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Buried Dream

 The Buried Dream
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Dreams come true
From time to time
Cause hearts to burst
With joy sublime

Some will fade
With time and age
Others stay vivid
A never ending parade

Dreams have died
To give new birth
Replaced with logic
And buried in dirt

I buried you once 
And a thousand times more
Yet still you come back
By some unknown force

Like a restless ghost
You haunt my thoughts
Refusing to rest
Or to be forgot

Caressing my heart 
Like a long lost flame
Stalking my memories
You call out my name

But I cannot have you
The cost is too steep
How can I abandon
The blessings I keep

You're like a prized diamond
Engulfed in shards of glass
Beautiful to look upon
But like a snake in the grass

I've chased you before
Always to no good end
I will not go back
For my heart it still mends

And though you might always
Be the thorn in my side
You will not defeat me
Though you certainly tried

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