Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the wild

In the Wild
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

My body drags
As my soul despairs
Irritation rises
Confrontation flares

I just want to slumber
Hibernate in the deep
Be alone with my thoughts
And with the good Lord weep

The people around me
I thought I could trust
Have slayed my defenses
Made my machinery rust

The person I knew
Who I thought to be me
Is being dismantled
No longer feels free

The vast expanse
Dragged boundaries away
What once felt sure
Has faded to gray

Confusion surrounds me
As I ponder the whys
Dismay lies heavy
Was I not once wise?

I was like the sun
Bright, joyful and warm
She is not like me
Her countenance torn

Who will she become
When this project is complete
Will she be faithful and good
Or will she be chained in defeat?

Some parts return
To the way I once was
While some parts exchange
But they look more like flaws

I don't know what to think
Is this part of your plan
Or have I departed
And joined the blind man?

How long will this last
Only you oh God know
I will do my best
In this wilderness to grow

Keep me close by 
Do not leave me I pray
Whisper your thoughts to me
Do not let me far stray

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