Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Greatest Giver

The Greatest Giver
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

The glory of your creation surrounds my being
All that I see is yours for the freeing
Yet all you have given as a gift for my days
To show me your love in extravagant ways

From the mountains on high to the rivers that flow
To the ancient far places to the newest swimming holes
From the jungles and forests to the deserts and plains
The world is your message of provision and grace

Though darkness will fall and cover the earth
You gave us the moon to inspire our mirth
As you wrap us in beauty with a blanket of lights
We 're inspired to reflect your love and shine bright

How greatly you love that you give us all this
Yet still more you provide though betrayed with a kiss
For all of creation could not fill our hungry hearts
So you sent us your son with full passion to impart

And when him we slayed on the cross of your peace
You sent us your ghost to complete the divine three
To instruct, to speak and to help guide our course
So your message of love is spread wide from the source


  1. Nice to see you around again dear Adrielle, hope you have been well.
    Lovely and touching poem, I so admire your beautiful beliefs.;)

  2. Adrielle, What a beautiful inspiring poem. I love it!! Thanks for sharing. Your blog format is outstanding with how the picture stays in the background. Let me hear from you! :-)


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