Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fearless Love

Fearless Love
By: Adrielle R. Bollin

Energy like gentle sonic waves are your arms wrapped around me
Like swimming with youthful strokes living water sets me free
Your heart in my mind and my spirit uttering your words
My God how you empower me with flight like the birds
Partnered with you all my worries disappear
It's here on your shoulders where my vision becomes clear
Take me even deeper into wisdom and grace
Heal my horizons that I may find my place
Teach me to fly on the wings of your great love
Give me the dreams of my heart I knew not of
Lead me to dance in your rushing rain water
Help me remember I'm your belov'd daughter

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear" 1 John 4:18a


  1. I must confess, your blog is a nice respite from all the political and controversial topics out there.

  2. I love your inspiring words and amazing photos. I especially like this line, "Heal my horizons that I may find my place
    ". We are all searching for our place and our purpose.

  3. Beautiful dear Adrielle, and so very significant to me. I should learn from these words and love without fear...
    Stunning images as well, it is always a joy for the eye and soul to visit you.;)

  4. Adrielle -- I began to wonder as I read this about the difference between the non-poet you and the poet you. I know it is a strange thing to think about. I would immediately think that you are calm, serene and wise. But I wonder if that is the other you? No -- this is not a question for you to answer -- it just popped into my mind as I read this delicious poem.

    (And another question -- why hasn't my latest blog popped up on your blog roll. I'm just full of questions this evening.)

  5. Beautiful! :)


  6. Feeling both invigorated and serene now and taking away that thought - that 'there is no fear in love.'

  7. Beautiful words and photographs as always! :)

  8. I do NOT even remember being on this blog, girly... yet, my pic's here. Deja vu (French: 'already been') - betcha didn't know that. Now, you can take that and use it for Scrabble or sumtin. Nevertheless, meet me Upstairs, miss gorgeous babe, and I'll proudly kiss thy wonderfull, adorable feets. God bless you.

  9. Adrielle, beautiful photography. Lovely poetry... and comforting words.



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